Edition 101

Why The Darting Salamander? Well, that would be telling… you will find answers inside the book.

But here’s one: Salamander Street, Leith. The only street of this name in the UK, probably named because of the many fiery and toxic glass and chemical works on the north side two hundred years ago. Within living memory, known as The Street of a Thousand Smells.

In legend salamanders can withstand the heat of fire, and there’s more…in Leith ‘a new tail grows’

Stylised image of a salamnader in black on a pale orange background. foreground text reads 'The darting salamander an anthology of Leith Writings'
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The Authors

Many thanks to all of the authors who have contributed to this edition:

Megan Rudden

Sophie Leah

Stewart Lowe

Ali Rutherford

Tim Bell

Billy Gould

Leith Bookworms

Ishbel Clark

Annie McCrae

Christine de Luca

Alan Addison

Gavin Booth

Alan E. Thomson

Katy Nixon

Sally Fraser

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