Megan Rudden; Annie McCrea; Gordon Munro; Billy Gould; [top of Sally Fraser’s head]; Norman Oyoo; Stewart Lowe; Gavin Booth; Alan Addison; Ali Rutherford; Tim Bell

Leith authors have come together to form a loose collective and create Leith Writings. This is the first of a new series of Leith anthologies, containing stories by Leith authors.

We plan to make this an annual release, and welcome contact from any writers (or potential writers) with a Leith connection who would like to get involved.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us!

The picture shows The Darting Salamander team – some of the writers, poets, artists and performers who celebrated the delivery of the first edition., Leith’s first anthology, at Out of the Blue on Tuesday 2 November.

Just 300 copies, beautifully crafted by Out of the Blueprint. The first print run has been quite small (to fit our budget). We are currently fundraising to pay for more printings, and to enable us to continue working to produce future editions.

See our JustGiving campaign HERE – we first set a target of £3,000 to cover essential costs of printing and launching this handsome first edition. Now, thanks to the warmhearted support of Leithers we need just £350 more to meet the final costs of the pioneering first anthology. Any extra will go towards the bumper 2022 edition. All contributions are welcome.

The plan is for this to be an annual release on the 2nd of November each year. This date has been selected to commemorate the anniversary of the Edinburgh Boundaries and Tramways Extension bill. The bill was enacted on that date in 1920.